Six Sentence Sunday #19: One Wicked Night

I really missed doing Six Sentence Sunday while on holidays last week and especially visiting the other author blogs. But poor internet signal at the beach means complete social networking breakdown.

This week’s six is again from One Wicked Night. We are a little further into the evening and Lottie is tormenting Benedict in bed. Enjoy!

* * *

He was in heaven. A very sticky heaven.

Still hungry, Lottie had returned to the dining table and snagged a little something she could sample. Off his body, that was. A dollop of cream splattered onto the middle of his belly and he sucked in a quick breath against the chill while Lottie chased the food with her playful mouth.

She seemed to delight in exploring every inch of him, dirtying his skin with food, and then wiping him clean with her dangerously talented tongue.

* * *

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