Six Sentence Sunday #14: Forsaking the Prize

Happy Six Sentence Sunday! My current WIP is coming along nicely and since my crit partners liked this part so well, I’m going to share part of the first conversation between my hero and heroine. Bear in mind he is just home from the sea and that experience has colored his language quite a bit. He’s not remotely close to being a gentleman. Such fun!

* * *

Blythe set her hands to her hips. “Let me make one thing clear to you, Mr. Randall. Your glib tongue won’t work with me. I think you an utter scoundrel. A man not to be trusted and if you were not so abnormally sized, and I a lady, I would have you thrown head first from the window.”

“Abnormally sized? Lady Venables, have you been peeking at my rudder?”

* * *

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    • I’m enjoying writing this story a little more than normal. Every line of his dialogue I write twice, the second time to make it even more shocking. Not a bad way to spend the day.

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