Six Sentence Sunday #10: Engaging the Enemy

Engaging the Enemy releases next week, so I’m sharing a snippet from chapter two. Enjoy

* * *

Anna shuddered. “A child in London is quite out of the question. How could you consider it? What if he should stumble into your private chambers while you were entertaining a friend?” Anna smiled wickedly. “I can think of no faster way to cool a man’s ardor than to have a child thrust into a room with him. I’m told it is quite draining.”

      * * *

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Nick Kelly
10 years ago

Great snippet. I think I agree with the others about the effect of kids in the bedroom.
Puppies, too.

Gayle Ramage
10 years ago

This is certainly intriguing!

Good luck with the release!

Gemma Parkes
10 years ago

Oh yes, it certainly is! Lovely writing!

angela quarles
10 years ago

“quite draining” I’m sure it is indeed! LOL! Great 6!

Carly Fall
10 years ago

Congrats on your new release. Yes, kids do have a tendency to quiet adors and do a little draining 😉

Nice six!

10 years ago

I have six kids. She’s got a point! LOL. This is intriguing – it definitely makes me want to know more. Congrats on your upcoming release!