Six Sentence Sunday #8: Rendition

Six Sentence Sunday #8Welcome to my new Six Sentence Sunday from my new release, The Almack’s Alternative. The AA is a collection of short erotic regency romance stories set in London during 1814. This excerpt is from the last short in the book. I hope you enjoy Rendition!

* * *

The old floorboards creaked behind her. “Now that was a fascinating evening.”

Mary sat up with a start and glanced about her chamber as an expensively dressed lord, the Earl of Lichfield, stepped through her bedchamber door and shut it with a firm click.

“However,” he continued, “that last conversation with Lady Jasmine brought the puzzle of your infrequent sightings within my means of solving. Bakewell is a self-righteous prig.”

“Oh, it’s you.”

* * *

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