New Year, New Goals, New Series

New Year, New Goals, New SeriesHappy New Year!! The start of the year always brings fresh promise, a clean slate, new goals, and a new series to write. Perhaps sometimes I get a little ahead of myself but you have to set your sights high if you want to get where you want to be right?

In the last year, I published nine stories including two series, The Distinguished Rogues and the Hunt Club Chronicles. I hope to work just a tad slower this year. LOL Later this year I will continue the Hunt Club Chronicles, my gay regency series. But next up will be the Wild Randalls. The first book is Engaging the Enemy, your first glimpse into the Randall Family of Hampshire.


Every great family has a few secrets best left unspoken. The wild Randalls of Hampshire excel at them.

 Engaging the Enemy

A duchess should be regal, aloof and the image of calm elegance. But those words have never applied to Mercy Randall, Duchess of Romsey. A widow and mother of a young duke, Mercy is lonely and floundering to keep the estate afloat. When she discovers the existence of Leopold Randall, her husband’s estranged cousin, Mercy commits to help him locate his missing siblings if he’ll return the estate to order. Although cautioned against trusting a man who would inherit everything should her son die, she impetuously hands over the estate to Leopold’s care in the hope of keeping him near.

Leopold Randall, heir to the young duke, has returned to Hampshire to demand information regarding the fate of his missing siblings. Unfortunately, the Duchess of Romsey is clueless about them, yet her struggle to maintain the estate tugs at Leopold’s sense of duty. At her insistence, he steps in to bring order to chaos while searching for hints to his family’s whereabouts amongst the old duke’s papers. Yet the duchess tempts him in ways best unspoken. He fights to hide his weakness for her and a shameful past that could see him banished again. But when Leopold discovers a threat against the duchess and young duke’s life, he must join forces with the temptress to protect his last known relative.

Beginning February 13th, I’m embarking on a month long virtual book tour to promote Engaging the Enemy. Stay tuned for more details to come. There will be many free copies up for grabs.

In the mean time, do you set goals for this year ahead and do you stick to them?

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