Best laid plans …

Best laid plans … don’t always come off the way you envisage. Today was supposed to be my big day out/ reward day for a job well done. Right now, it’s pouring with rain and our plans to head to the beach just fizzled and died. My consolation, McCafe coffee and Sherlock reruns. Sherlock is seriously good, so I’m content.

One thing that always surprises me is how fast time slips away from me when I’m writing. Admittedly, I’ve done a lot of writing in the last twelve months. I’ve made it my priority and am pretty proud of what I’ve achieved. To say I’m surprised that the school holidays are almost over is an understatement. This must just about qualify for the “dullest holiday ever” award from my youngest son.

We are already getting notices about registration days for soccer, and I’m so glad I went school supply shopping just after Christmas. We have the bag, shoes and stationary. (is there anything better than stationary shopping) The return to school may have come round quickly, but at least I’m prepared this year. Just need to find a cheap flash drive for the boy (cheap so I won’t cry when he inevitably loses it) and we’re all set.

They say no man is an island, and I have found some very good friends to support and supportĀ me this last year in my writing career. Here’s to a productive 2012 and lots of stories from my friends. Bottoms up!


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