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Happy holidays everyone. Welcome to The Blog Hop Spot’s Stuff Your Stocking Blog Hop!


The Prize: 

A copy of The Almack’s Alternative

~ five short stories of lust and love in regency era London

PDF or PRC for Kindle


What’s in the book?


Desperate spinster, Victoria Graves, is willing to do anything to escape her wallflower status. But is attempting the resurrection of a dead man, Alexander West, on the whim of a cloaked stranger, within her abilities?

(MMF Ménage)

Impoverished lord, Simon Tate, needs a solution to his financial woes and he thought tonight’s meeting would provide him with the answer. Turning to his happily married friend, Neil Hunter and his new wife Annabel, as his envelope suggests, goes against the grain until they make an offer too good to refuse.


The ton likes Victor North for his wealth, but not necessarily for their daughters to wed. When the mysterious lady at the Almack’s Alternative meeting suggests he wed Lady Regina, he’s sure it’s a cruel joke because the lady is reputed to be as far fromEngland as it was possible to be.

(MMF Ménage)

Adam Clarke needs two things in his life; a wife to make his family happy and provide him with an heir, and Ethan Rudhall in his bed whenever they can meet. When Adam and Ethan meet stumbling wallflower, Lady Millicent, they discover what lies beneath her blushes and clumsiness is everything they need.


The mastermind behind the Almack’s Alternative meetings, Lady Mary, enjoys matchmaking for those who’ve fallen from society’s good graces. An outcast herself, she’s content to live in the shadows bringing until fate brings Andrew Drake, brother to the man who caused her downfall, sneaking through her door.

Warning: This title will contain five erotic romance short stories featuring encounters sure to ruin any lady’s reputation, and ménage sex scenes involving male/male sexual practices. Are you ready?


The blog hop nitty gritty:

The hop closes:

Sunday December 18 at Midnight


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2. Answer the following question:
What has been your favorite Christmas moment to date?



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19 thoughts on “Stuff Your Stocking Blog Hop!”

  1. My favorite Christmas moment was the birth of my 1st grandson on December 16th. His mother lived with us at that time.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. I should add a favorite christmas of mine before the blog hop ends. When I was young, after I’d worked out mum and dad were Santa, I caught them sneaking into my bedroom as they kept up the pretense. I closed my eyes so they didnt know I had woken up. Didnt want to spoil it for them but its kinda hard to sneak with a small bookcase wrapped in chrissy paper between them. LOL

  3. Hmm… a favorite Christmas moment is hearing my kids exclaim happily as they turn the lights on the tree on for the first time each year 🙂 Hasn’t gotten old yet 😀

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  4. My favorite moment so far–would have to be all of them in the past 12 yrs <3

    Merry Christmas!!
    Stacey Siferd

  5. My favorite memory from this year, and probably every year for the past three years, is when Santa calls. We use a service –, and the phone call is just precious. I love watching my sons face light up when I hand him the phone and it’s Santa 🙂

    BTW, I love the snow on your website!

  6. My favorite Christmas moment to date would have to be my older nephews first Christmas. He was maybe 8 months old toddling around playing with the wrapping paper and his older sister who was 2 at the time opening everyones gifts for them. It was so cute and sweet. Thanks so much,

  7. I love Regency era London stories and the hotter the better 😉 As for my favorite moment to date, has actually been the same for the last number of years. We stay up on Christmas Eve and open presents then, my dad builds a small bonfire and we sit around and chat amongs us brothers and sisters, really great memories!

  8. My mom, daughter & I cooking a traditional Polish dinner for Christmas Eve. This year, my grandsons will be “helping”. That will be 4 generations participating!

  9. This year has been fun for me. We have a our new kitchen, and I love having my daughter at the island either drawing Christmas pictures or decorating cookies. We turn on Christmas music and just hang out together and being silly.

  10. Heather, I don’t have a favorite memory per say but definitely a favorite time of the holiday. Eacy year me and my children would put up the Christmas tree together and we’d go through all the hand made ornaments that they made as children. It’s a blessing to watch the memories cross thier faces and each year that goes by seems to be better than the last. Excellent question btw. I had to really stop and think about it because there are so many good moments at this time of year.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. I have to pick one????? The first time my child got Santa Clause and couldn’t sleep all night because of excitement and woke me at some horrible hour. Just seeing the excitement on her face when she came into the living room and saw the extra presents, a full stocking and the cookies and milk gone.

    I am not entering the contest. I just downloaded it :). So excited to read it.

  12. Thanks for participating in the hop! I would say the Christmas right before my 3rd birthday. I woke up at the crack of dawn and went into the dark livingroom. The tree was so beautiful and found a baby doll with clothes and a cradle. No gift was ever loved more.


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