The 19c Medicine Chest

Research is a funny beast. Quite often I stumble over small fascinating things, slightly off topic or totally unrelated to what I’m supposed to be searching for in the first place that are too good to ignore. In Hardly a Stranger, my hero Francis Redding, was a surgeon who studied other branches of medicine too. Before the book published, I wanted to quickly check over a couple of facts about the types of instruments a 19c surgeon would use.

Eventually, I found the information I needed, mostly relating to naval requirements needed during the battles. But what I did also find through google books was some lovely little facts on Medicine chests that I don’t need just yet.

Catalogue of Drugs, Medicine Chests &c. &c.
By Reece and Co

No. 171, Piccadilly.

According to the catalogue, there are many different medicine chests to choose from, all filled with the necessary drugs and equipment used at the time. The 99 page pdf also includes properties, doses and prices of the drugs. Below is the contents of the Physician’s or Surgeon’s Medicine Chest, but there is also one for ladies, clergy, ships, the stables and one for the budding chemist.

The 19c Medicine Chest

The 19c Medicine Chest

The book is worth a long look as it also contains suggestions for treatment of illnesses too. Sadly, I have no immediate plans for this information. Oh, well. There is always a chance that I’ll write another medical professional one day. LOL

Happy reading.

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  1. I love getting my hands on primary sources like this, rather than relying on hearsay. As much as I love having vintage books to flip through me and googlebooks are firm pals. LOL

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