Six Sentence Sunday: Hardly a Stranger

Yay, this is my first Six Sentence Sunday and I’ve chosen one of my favorite parts from my latest release, Hardly a Stranger.

* * *

What to do about Redding?

Although he asked himself the question at least twice a week, his previous answers had always been to do nothing. But as his birthday drew closer he was starting to feel his age. Five and forty was almost old. Was he going to wait till his sword was wrinkled and wouldn’t rise before he satisfied his craving for Francis Redding?

That image was not appealing.

* * *

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Hardly a Stranger

The Duke of Staines has the worst luck in wives and lovers. A widow for fifteen years, Ambrose is busy running his gentleman’s club, snatches pleasure from transient lovers, and relies on Francis Redding to provide intelligent companionship between social engagements. There is only one problem with his relationship with Redding; the man would make the perfect lover, if only he wasn’t a dependant servant.

Life-long footman to the Duke of Staines, Francis Redding, is hardly a stranger to the disappointment of unreachable dreams or the duke’s unorthodox love life. He’s lived in the duke’s shadow for most of his life, trained as a surgeon at his request, too, and has all too frequently kept the duke out of trouble. It’s not a bad life for a farmer’s son, until the duke’s luck runs out.

This story is a steamy regency romance.

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