Six Sentence Sunday #3 : Hardly a Stranger Part 3

Welcome to my third Six Sentence Sunday and I’ve chosen my six from just after the duel scene in Hardly a Stranger, with Francis Redding and the Duke of Staines in close proximity. Enjoy!

* * *

“And I’m far from good nowadays.” The duke squeezed Francis’s backside. “Ask me to repay you properly when you’ve saved my life again. I’m sure we can come to some mutually pleasurable arrangement.”

Francis sighed. “Only you could proposition someone while you’re bleeding to death.”

* * *

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Meg Maguire
10 years ago

Great six! Love the dry humor. My favorite so far this week.

KE Saxon
10 years ago

What a great punch line! Excellent six. Thanks for sharing!

10 years ago

Ha, love the humour in that last line. 🙂

Karysa Faire
10 years ago

Love the humor. I hope he has a chance to repay Francis someday.

10 years ago

Enjoyed the snippet last week and this week adds to the interest. Like an old time serial – has me hooked and I want to know MORE! Terrific excerpt!

E.D. Walker
10 years ago

LOVE it. I really like the humor in this one, and the one from last week. 🙂

Kallypso Masters
10 years ago

Had a little chuckle at the last line. Nice Six!

10 years ago

lol, great last line!