Man Monday – Karl Urban

Oh wordpress, how I have missed your glitch free posting. Sorry, am swooning over my revamped abode. WordPress is a dream to work with after months of frustration.

Have you ever watched a movie and thought, ‘I’ve seen that face before’ but can’t remember where. During a bad patch of weather, hubby and I did a movie marathon, of sorts. Well, more dvd’s in a row than we usually do anyway. The movie Red is a particular favorite around here and we watch it often for the humorous dialogue, and that amazing scene where Bruce Willis steps out of the car as it’s turning.

But the real object of my affection today is the villian of Red, agent William Cooper, AKA Karl Urban. He’s UNBELIEVABLE in RED.

UNBELIEVEABLE as McCoy from the Star Trek reboot

And a damn sexy assassin in Borne Supremecy and Ultimatum

What I havent caught up with yet is the movie Chronicles of Riddick, and I need to because there is a sequal coming up soon.


But he’s also been in Lord of the Rings (not sure I like him as a blond),

and in Xena and Hercules

¬†Interestingly, Karl is from NZ but I’ve only ever heard him use an American accent. Scratch that, I had to go find a Xena episode on you tube. What a damn sexy voice that man has! Looks like I just found another hero.