Side Character Takeover

Secondary characters really are a writer’s most precious commodity. I love writing them because there is so much meddling they can do to your hero and heroine’s plans. Side character can takeover. However, I’m also a fan of letting them have their own life, their own story to explore along the way. Here’s my last snippet from Charity featuring the long hidden love of Lyntton Manning.

Estella’s heart raced in anger over a dead man and his faithlessness, and over Lynton taking advantage of her that night. “So you decided to take his place.”

Lynton’s hands settled on her shoulders lightly, and then went away. “That was not my intention. I don’t know what I was thinking. I suppose I went to tell you where he was. I wanted to point out his flaws so you would leave him.”

Estella hugged herself. “But you said not one word. Not one.”

“I couldn’t. By the time I entered your bedchamber, I realized you wouldn’t leave him. That you would avoid any scandal and stay with him to preserve your good name.” His hands settled on her shoulders again.

“I don’t know what I would have done if you’d told me the truth. It would have at least prepared me for the rest of my marriage.” Estella forced a deep breath into her lungs. “Why did you take his place?”

Behind her, Lynton’s head pressed against the back of hers. “You touched me.”

Estella frowned. “That’s hardly an encouragement to share another man’s wife’s bed.”

His rough breathing behind her caused her heart to race. “With you, it’s like fire on grass after a long dry spell. I have loved you all my life. I desire you still.”

Side Character Takeover

I loved writing Lyntton Manning. Hopefully you love him just the same.

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