State of the nation

State of the Nation: The Heather Nation that is. LOL It’s always a good thing to take a minute to take stock of where you are in your work, and where you should be heading. At the moment, I’m working on edits for Charity – the final installment of the Distinguished Rogues trilogy that I released on Amazon at the beginning of May. Then I’ll dive back into the Wild Randall’s quartet, which starts with Leopold Randall (first seen in Charity) as he searches for his missing siblings.

I’m also writing a short story, A Tale of Three Gentlemen, a regency novelette of mayhem and debauchery that I’m hoping to release prior to Christmas (because you always need debauchery to get throught the silly season). The last project I need to work on is the Gargoyle Court series, my mad diversion into Paranormal Regency Romance and I hope to have enough progress by mid June to settle on potential release dates.

To help me fit all of that in I’ve trimmed the blogs I regularly subscribe to and reviewed the people I follow on Twitter. Next may be putting a few of my yahoo groups on digest or re-evalutating the time I spend there. There is only so much time in any day and I still need to carve out sections of time to devote to simply reading for pleasure.

Whew, just reading all that makes me tired. LOL. But I hope when the stories come out you will be entertained!

What was the last book I read? Laurel Bennett’s The Headmaster’s Fall

A virgin, a rake, Regency England… pleasure.
Our heroine finds herself in trouble and sent to the headmaster’s quarters. Punish her or pleasure her? It’s his choice to decide.

I’ll admit it – I was so totally sucked in by this fantasy that I forgot it was a fantasy. Lovely hot, hot, short story that pushed all my buttons. Another great read from Laurel.

I’m also blogging at: Shh, I’m Writing a Romance about Mondays. Yes, I know its Tuesday.

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