Can I borrow Thor?

Everyone needs a break from routine to recharge their batteries and step back from their work to plan for the future. Today was an infrequent day out for me, a break from my desk and the chance to feed my soul. Today was a movie day, and date day with my darling beloved.

First on the agenda: Something Borrowed. Can I just say at the outset that I loathe actress Kate Hudson. It’s pretty rare that I enjoy her performances and usually I wouldn’t waste the money on movie tickets to see her but the premise of Something Borrowed really got me in. Mousy best friend loves the bubbly girl’s future husband. I liked the best friend character, Rachel, the most and managed to ignore selfish Kate (oops Darcy). Although for a while there Rachel fell under the title of TSTL (too stupid to live). Eventually, dear Rachel got her act together, got brave to state her feelings and even when rejected, she kept her dignity. My kind of girl.

Out of the men, Dexter made me want to slap him stupid for not pursuing Rachel as he should. Seriously, a girl stands in the rain telling you she’s loved you all along and you go back inside without offering a towel. I almost lost it then and there. The best mate, Ethan (lead character name in my upcoming Gargoyle Court series), actually surprised me by admitting he loved Rachel too. Hubby, of course, claimed he’d seen that confession coming all along. So now I need to re-watch the movie to find what I missed. LOL

The biggest buzz of the day was seeing Thor. Is it bad to admit you’re suffering a heavy case of lust for the lead actor? Especially when you watched the movie sitting next to the love of your life? I’ve admitted before here that I loved Chris Hemsworth’s small part in the Star Trek reboot. Always has me reaching for a tissue when he gives his life for his wife and crew so they can get away. But my god that man had the bluest eyes imaginable. [drool] Thor surprised me in a good way. It would have been so easy to add a soundtrack and morph it into Flash Gordon. Who didn’t go home from seeing that movie without singing Flash, ah ha, savior of the universe at the top of their lungs with friends? LOL. And I did love how they set up the possibility of further movies to come after – just like they did with the Star trek reboot. I cannot wait to see more of Chris in future roles.

But until the next Thor installment comes out I’ll have to be content with my own imagination-raving beast that it is. Have a great week!

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