Juggling acts

Perhaps I’m biting off more than I can chew but I’m attempting to write two stories at once. This week I’ve resumed work on book one of the Noble Widows’ War, another regency romance series set in Hampshire England. I’m so pleased to come back to Leopold and Mercy–my highly unorthodox duchess. She is currently making Leopold very uncomfortable — I like to keep my heroes on their toes.

Yesterday went pretty well, considering the tree loppers working on the vacant block next door — but it’s nerve wracking when you hear that tearing sound as a tree falls and know it’s on the other side of the wall. LOL. I managed a fair bit considering the distraction of the wonderful new view that opening up. They’ll be back later today, unfortunately, but then after that we’ll have builders on site. Lets hope a few make the distraction worthwhile. 🙂

I usually don’t write at night because I often have trouble falling asleep but last night I worked on another project. I’m exploring the world of paranormal romance. I have to say the world building aspect of paranormal romance is challenging. I won’t spill the beans on my creature, but lets just say they don’t drink blood, they don’t howl at the full moon. They’re a little bit heavy tho. And that’s all you get to know.

I’d better get writing, but how many projects can a sane person juggle?