Thursday Promo: Facebook pages

One of the things I’ve struggled with lately is finding a good look for my facebook author page. I haven’t been totally happy with the layout … until this yesterday morning that is. One of the great things about social networking is that people like to spread the word about the fun stuff they find. This morning I followed a tweet from @StefanieSloane to look at her brand new facebook author page. ( )

After maybe 30 minutes I’d signed up for the AuthorPages Facebook app and populated a good portion of with my own content. I still have a few tweaks to make but this is mine: What I like most about it is its appearance of a bookstore, complete with covers, excerpts and space for posting reviews. A pity there is only one buy link possible right now but perhaps that will change down the track.

The app came from Rethink Books: There is a free version, mine’s the free one, or a paid app with even more features. You decide if this might be good for you.