Man Monday … Raul Bova

Oh, the things we writers endure for character research!

If fate smiled on me tonight I would be watching this gorgeous body move and speak. But alas, my Under the Tuscan Sun DVD has failed me and kinda spoiled my night. This is Raul Bova, Marcello from Under the Tuscan Sun. It’s been a while since I’ve watched this movie so I cannot remember much, hence the plan to watch it tonight, but I did stumble on this piece of dialogue online.

Marcello: Francesca.
Frances: Yes?
Marcello: I am going to make love all over you!
Frances: Okay.

Honestly, I need the film. Priority A for tomorrow.

In other news, Voting has opened in the Authors After Dark Bookie Awards. Visit to vote for my novella One Wicked Night.

There are FIVE polls in total due to the high number of nominations ADD recieved and you must vote on each question. One Wicked Night is nominated on Poll 2 for E-book Only Short and Erotic Short Story. All votes appreciated.

My good friends, the writing team of Lydia Dare, are also nominated  as well.

Poll 1:  Cross Genre Novel and Debut Author
Poll 4: Werewolf book of the year – Lydia

Hope your Monday is a good one!

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