Man Monday – Chris Hemsworth

Today I’m guest author over at Regency Historical Romance author, Tamara Gill’s blog party. Drop by for a chance to win a free copy of One Wicked Night or just chat.

He may have only had 10 minutes or so of screen time in the 2009 Star Trek, but the gorgeous Chris Hemsworth makes a big impression as George Kirk, Captain of the Kelvin. Who wouldn’t love a character like George Kirk who dies to protect his wife, child and everyone else on the ship. And even in the midst of a battle he could laugh about the horror of naming his child Tiberius. I love humor in a romance hero.

Of course, at 6’3″ the Australian born actor makes a captivating hero. And he’s due to step into the role of Thor opposite Natalie Portman (one of my favorite actors), directed by the wonderful Kenneth Branagh. The basic plot of Thor: The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders. I am so looking forward to watching this in 2011!

Man Monday … Raul Bova

Oh, the things we writers endure for character research!

If fate smiled on me tonight I would be watching this gorgeous body move and speak. But alas, my Under the Tuscan Sun DVD has failed me and kinda spoiled my night. This is Raul Bova, Marcello from Under the Tuscan Sun. It’s been a while since I’ve watched this movie so I cannot remember much, hence the plan to watch it tonight, but I did stumble on this piece of dialogue online.

Marcello: Francesca.
Frances: Yes?
Marcello: I am going to make love all over you!
Frances: Okay.

Honestly, I need the film. Priority A for tomorrow.

In other news, Voting has opened in the Authors After Dark Bookie Awards. Visit to vote for my novella One Wicked Night.

There are FIVE polls in total due to the high number of nominations ADD recieved and you must vote on each question. One Wicked Night is nominated on Poll 2 for E-book Only Short and Erotic Short Story. All votes appreciated.

My good friends, the writing team of Lydia Dare, are also nominated  as well.

Poll 1:  Cross Genre Novel and Debut Author
Poll 4: Werewolf book of the year – Lydia

Hope your Monday is a good one!

A nice way to end the week…

Hey, big news today. I’ve managed to finish the first draft of my latest regency historical romance. It’s novella length, and explores all the sneaking around required to keep a cougar romance hidden from polite society. Lots of hot and heavy moments, and one very surprised heroine. LOL. My hero is very much like actor Alex O’Loughlin (left)- very very cute and serious. So much fun to write.

Today I posted an interview with Lydia Dare for her latest release, The Taming of the Wolf over at LadyScribes. If you have some time drop by and leave a comment. We’d love to see you there:

Am I a happy girl?

Hell, yes! Yesterday, I picked up a copy of the BBC’s Sherlock.

When the modern day take of Sherlock Homes (not the Robert Downey Jnr. version) originally came on telly, I wasn’t quite sure I’d like it. By the end of the first episode I was kicking myself for not recording. I’m suffering some serious geek love here. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are so good together. I cannot wait to see what happens in the series next year. Here’s a snippet from the first episode, A Study in Pink.



After a short break from regular blogging, I’ve decided to return to WordPress. And what have I been up to, you might ask. Rather than reinvent the wheel:

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Its nice to be home!