Where has June gone?

It seem that despite my best intentions, the internet has got the better of me. I’ve been busy tweeting, blog reading and commenting, and a hundred other little things that take me away from actually writing. Really, really bad Heather.

And you would not believe how much time I’ve wasted in Amazon.com. Since my book released there about a month ago, I have spent an incredibly silly amount of time watching my Amazon ranking fluctuate. I’ve got some wonderful reviews which is great, and my book has a heap of tags, but watching the ranking number fluctuate is almost nearing obsession status. *sigh*

After realising over the weekend just how often I ran back to “check” the internet, I’ve put a limit on my time. First thing, I can check my emails and then I close down internet explorer and my email. So today I was unplugged from the internet a fair bit more than recent habit. And you know what, I knocked my writing goal over quick smart. I updated a manuscript I’m editing with my red pen corrections too. I left my desk when the kids came home with a feeling of greater achievment than I have in some time. This change will take a bit to get used to. After all, I hadn’t realised how bad I’d become but this is the life I want, not reading tweets by Queen Rania & Russel Crowe. Why on earth did I follow them?

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6 thoughts on “Where has June gone?”

  1. Ha! I love that you were following Queen Rania and Russell Crowe!

    I’m internet-obsessed, too, and I have to force myself not to toggle back to my email and Facebook while I’m writing. It’s not easy at all. I might be a little OCD. LOL!

    • Russ is pretty cool actually. Lots of response tweets to his followers. But do I need to hear of his love of Wooloomooloo? Maybe not! (Thats a suburb of Sydney by the way)

  2. I can relate. LOL. I’ve gone through patches where I’ve literally had to limit myself to an hour of internet time a day, and physically unplugged the computer from the internet connection to enforce it. It’s just too easy to waste the entire day on doing nothing of importance, when I could be spending it on writing. Good for you for recognizing the problem and doing something about it.

    • I actually didn’t think I had a problem with my internet usage but its just kind of crept up over time. Had another good day today – way down on usage until now that is.

      • Hi Heather,
        I check my emails first up, and try to stay away from the internet most of the day followed with a quick check up of emails after my writing.
        I spend an hour every few days just blogging and having a bit of fun (break) from my writing. 🙂

        I’ve just logged on, and I’m off soon. I’d love to do more, but writing does come first. 🙂

  3. Hi Heather!
    How did I miss your blog update. Congrats on the sales and the wonderful review. I’ve had to unplug of late as well. Worked wonders. I finished my latest wip and edited the sucker with the 50k30d challenge.
    But I can’t believe you follow a queen and good old Rus. LOL.
    Tam 🙂

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