Man Monday – Colin Firth

 Start you week with a bit of British Man Monday in the form of Colin Firth. How have I never blogged about the gorgeous Colin before? I mean, really, if you need a tall streak of Englishman with an amazing smile – Colin’s your guy!

 Just look at those dimples. And he gets better looking the older he gets. Not like Hugh Grant, who seems more sad eyed than ever.

Man Monday - Colin Firth

I loved him in Pride and Prejudice. I mean who doesn’t, but I also watch everything else he acts in too. It’s possible I have a Colin obsession, so it’s lucky he lives far away.  I could so stalk him!



Have a great week!

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3 thoughts on “Man Monday – Colin Firth”

  1. Ah, Colin, how I love thee! LOL! I’m a big fan of him in Bridget Jones, but my favorite is probably The Importance of Being Earnest. I love that movie!

    Have a great Monday!

  2. Ah, you ladies have excellent taste! Frances O’Connor’s character kind of ruins The importance of Being Earnest for me but Love Actually, now that movie gets played a lot in my house. Strangely, Love Actually is my husbands favourite, right up there with the Sound of Music, The Great Escape and Master and Commander! Gotta love my guy!

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