On my shelf – Slang down the ages

To get a really good feel for a period in time its important to do a little research. For me, that just means I can feed my habit of offering books a good home, a safe environment where they will be loved and stored correctly. Seriously, I couldn’t be a librarian – I’d never let the darn books leave!

Slang Down the Ages


Slang down the ages by Jonathon Green

This handy book tackles its subject by theme, taking words of standard English and tracing the development of their slang equivalents over the past 500 years. Covering variations from body and body functions, nationalities, food and drink, execution and death, its a great resource for an historical writer and worth tracking down a copy.

Man Monday … Colin Firth

 Start you week with a bit of British. How have I never blogged about the gorgeous Colin Firth before. I mean, really, if you need a tall streak of Englishman with an amazing smile – Colin’s your guy!

 Just look at those dimples. And he gets better looking the older he gets. Not like Hugh Grant, who seems more sad eyed than ever.

I loved him in Pride and Prejudice. I mean who doesn’t, but I also watch everything else he acts in too. It’s possible I have a Colin obsession, so it’s lucky he lives far away.  I could so stalk him!



Have a great week!

All I want … is happy peeps

Today is has been a mix of emotions for me. Shock – I woke up to almost 300 emails. The Golden Heart Contest announced its winners and I had two yahoo groups sizzling the internet. Glee – because one of my critique partners finaled in the historical division. I’ve never read a book that got my emotions so out of control and surprisingly there was very little lust involved. But I distinctly remember yelling at the computer screen as the hero and heroine circled each other. Incredibly frustrating.

And I was angry too. The internet is a vast web of information – some good, some bad. It hit me today as I was reading a review of a friends story – a nasty review I might add – that the internet isn’t fair. My friend worked tirelessly on her story and while she didn’t think her work would be universally adored, although that might be nice, it must be tough to get such a negative comment. That comment will be forever on the net – countless people will read it and hesitate to make my friends plan for world domination come true. Ok, thats not her plan – its mine. I do love her work! I just don’t find it fair.

I want my friend, all my writing friends, to be a huge sucess.

On the writing front, I’ve not done a great deal to advance my stories this week. Life has a way of intruding, despite my best intentions to set a work like schedule. I’ll do better next week. Next week is a blank slate – a reprieve before the Easter school holidays begin. Two weeks of writing only tame scenes or quickly changing my computer screen when my kids walk in.

Oh, well … life was meant to have challenges. Have a great weekend and write heaps if you can!

Blogging at Lady Scribes today

The group blog over at Lady Scribes is going fantastically well with many more visitors that I ever dreamed possible after just three short months. My fellow bloggers are a fantastic bunch of ladies and they have some fantastic insights into this crazy writing life we share.

Today, I’m blogging about Calke Abbey – the hidden house, an historic house mananged by the UK National Trust. Be sure to come by and have a read. Its a truly fantastic 18th Century Mansion!

Man Monday … Daniel Craig

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. (Oh dear, I’m having dance class flashbacks – I was the rabbit) 

The past few weeks have been busy, hence the absence of blog posts, but to make amends I’m back with another yummy man to start your week. Enjoy!