On my shelf – Slang down the ages

To get a really good feel for a period in time its important to do a little research. For me, that just means I can feed my habit of offering books a good home, a safe environment where they will be loved and stored correctly. Seriously, I couldn’t be a librarian – I’d never let the darn books leave!

Slang Down the Ages


Slang down the ages by Jonathon Green

This handy book tackles its subject by theme, taking words of standard English and tracing the development of their slang equivalents over the past 500 years. Covering variations from body and body functions, nationalities, food and drink, execution and death, its a great resource for an historical writer and worth tracking down a copy.

Man Monday … Colin Firth

 Start you week with a bit of British. How have I never blogged about the gorgeous Colin Firth before. I mean, really, if you need a tall streak of Englishman with an amazing smile – Colin’s your guy!

 Just look at those dimples. And he gets better looking the older he gets. Not like Hugh Grant, who seems more sad eyed than ever.

I loved him in Pride and Prejudice. I mean who doesn’t, but I also watch everything else he acts in too. It’s possible I have a Colin obsession, so it’s lucky he lives far away.  I could so stalk him!



Have a great week!