The week that was

Another hysterical night in the RomAus chat room to finish off the week. I do love those chat sessions. 

Its been a great week! I worked on my writing challenge story and, aside from a little shaky first day, I’ve gotten the story flowing smoothly again.   After 4000 words, I left my couple lolling on the bed. I wonder what they will get up to on the weekend?

Edits for The Pursuit of Pleasure are going great too. The first seven chapters are just the way I want them, so onwards to the saggy middle. I have some tweaks to make with the secondary characters and of course the first kiss is coming up.

But the best news of the week, year (I’d say decade but my youngest child is seven) is that I was offered a publishing contract for my short regency story, One Wicked Night. More info as it comes to hand. To sayI’m excited is an understatement. I’ve been bouncing around the house all week. It is so hard to be cool and professional at times like this. LOL.

The plan for next week:

*  3 chapters on the writing challenge story, although the challenge ends on the 28th. I suppose I’d better settle on a real title for that story. Options: Ice Princess, Psycho Sisters, Sibling Wars. Ooh, I like that last one.  I’ll accept any suggestions!

* Edit 2 chapters of pursuit of pleasure.

* Polish posts for Lady Scribes blog. We’re having so much fun with that site.

I hope you’re where you want to be at this point in the week. Oh, and my Man Monday posts will resume to give you that little inspirational pick-me-up for next week.


Dark and Twisty

Reader forgive me – it’s been two weeks since my last blog. I cite illness for my absense – PMT, headaches, headcold. Triple yuk week that no one would have cared to read about.

It was a bad week for using my brain. Especially when I’m trying to write a novel without an outline. The week before was much better. Panstering is a new experience for me. Aside from knowing I have a HEA at the end there is no plan and every idea that comes to mind while I’m away from the computer is fluid in terms of when that event might happen.

My first heroine was doing ok, caught the hero’s eye and behaved admirably cool – right up until I wrote from her POV. Once I was in her head, her thoughts proved a lot dark and twisty. That surprised the hell out of me. This is my heroine – half of my HEA. But I didn’t love her like a best friend – she isn’t at all sweetness and light.

By chapter four I realised my heroine was not sane. Not what I hoped for and can’t say I planned this either since I’m panstering on this story. So I needed a secondary character to step up and I needed to add another POV. Luckily, there was already a chatterbox sister with a obvious and unreciprocated crush on my hero. Whew!

Now my challenge is to make him see my chatterbox in a different light – well thats the hope for this week.

Happy writing!

Lady Scribes – first kiss critiques open

For those of you who don’t remember, I’m part of a group blog offering free critiques each month. Today is submission day at Lady Scribes so if you have a first kiss scene that you’d like feedback on please post as a comment (around 500 words) to .

There are more details on the blog and we would love to critique your work.