Writing with Distractions

It’s not been a productive week. The blame, of course, rests with me. In my defence, it is the school holidays and my dh is adjusting to life as a non-workaholic. It’s going to take a little time before he gets used the slower pace and stops dropping by my desk every half hour offering tea and coffee. Its distracting enough when the kids do it.

I restarted editing  my second novel this week and have been fairly critical. I dropped about 6,000 words and I still have to replace them. I am hoping to have a better writing week next week.

The biggest news in my week has been the launch of a group blog, Lady Scribes, with a few of my American critique partners. Amy, Gail, Samantha, & Phyllis have already blogged this week.  Jerrica, Julie, Melissa and myself blog next week. Lydia Dare, a woman buried in edits for her soon to be published Regency Paranormal novels, will blog on the last Friday of the month.

But the best thing about the blog is Crit Friday. When we made the decision to start the blog, we all wanted to offer something more for readers. Each month we will offer critiques on parts of your work in progress. The focus will change to cover different aspects of a novel and we really look forward to reading and offering supporting comments. January will be about opening paragraphs. I hope you will drop by the Lady Scribes blog next Friday for the start and to post your piece.

Have a great week.

6 thoughts on “Writing with Distractions”

  1. Hi Heather,
    I will definately check this out. My goals are set in place. I have also been doing edits on a novel and almost finished now. Phew. I hope to get this one out next week.

    Popping on over to Lady Scribes.

    Suz 🙂

  2. It sounds great! I’ll be adding Lady Scribes to blogs I follow. It sounds like everyone is editing at the moment, me included.
    My hubby reads over my shoulder as well. Drives me nuts! LOL.

  3. I know what you mean about having DH hanging around. So distracting!

    Am going to check out Lady Scribes now. Love the idea of Crit Friday. Always interesting to see people’s different takes on things.

    Hope your writing week is going well.

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