Location, Location…

If I tell you that I am in this location will you be mad at me?

My American friends, currently snuggled in everything warm, probably would be. But I’m not there yet… that’s next week. Hamilton Island look out – the Boyd’s are on the way.

To say I’m too excited to write is an understatement. I had this same problem at Christmas and I think its because I know I wont be writing tomorrow, or for a few days after that. Hmm, am I turning into a routine bound person? Apparently, the answer is yes!

It’s been a hell of a week for me. The Lady Scribes blog is going so well and we launched our Crit Friday blog for Opening Paragraphs yesterday. Go on over to check out the offering because I think we might still have a few spaces left.

New word count has been low this week but I got some great critique feedback on my second novel and I’ve been working on incorporating those suggestions. Have I told you those gals are the best? I probably don’t tell them enough.

I finished up the week by doing a desk clean while watching Torchwood tonight … I even labelled stuff! Now I just have to remember to pay the bills I unearthed.

Have a great week and I’ll catch you in two!

Writing with Distractions…

It’s not been a productive week. The blame, of course, rests with me. In my defence, it is the school holidays and my dh is adjusting to life as a non-workaholic. It’s going to take a little time before he gets used the slower pace and stops dropping by my desk every half hour offering tea and coffee. Its distracting enough when the kids do it.

I restarted editing  my second novel this week and have been fairly critical. I dropped about 6,000 words and I still have to replace them. I am hoping to have a better writing week next week.

The biggest news in my week has been the launch of a group blog, Lady Scribes, with a few of my American critique partners. Amy, Gail, Samantha, & Phyllis have already blogged this week.  Jerrica, Julie, Melissa and myself blog next week. Lydia Dare, a woman buried in edits for her soon to be published Regency Paranormal novels, will blog on the last Friday of the month.

But the best thing about the blog is Crit Friday. When we made the decision to start the blog, we all wanted to offer something more for readers. Each month we will offer critiques on parts of your work in progress. The focus will change to cover different aspects of a novel and we really look forward to reading and offering supporting comments. January will be about opening paragraphs. I hope you will drop by the Lady Scribes blog next Friday for the start and to post your piece.

Have a great week.

The first day of 2010

They often say that the things you do on New Years Day shape the rest of the year. Judging by the day I’ve had I should expect to have a great one. DH cooked dinner, the kids didn’t squabble too much and we just puttered around the house. I really like those kinds of days.female-writer

Like every writer I know I’ve been contemplating my goals for the year. Last year I didn’t set specific writing targets but I dubbed it the “year of no excuses”. That worked for me – I wrote heaps; 1 novel, 2 novella’s, 1 novelette not to mention editing two slightly older novels, blogging and critiquing. Whew it has been quite a year for output.

See full size image2010 is my year to focus, to polish and with luck be published. Admittedly, being accepted for publication is completely out of my hands but I am hopeful.  If I focus on editing, and write the new material that keep spinning around my brain, my chances are good that something will appeal to an editor. At least that’s the plan…

Oops sorry had to run off to the post new year recovery party in the RW Australia chat room… those cabana boys might be there.

Focus, Heather, focus. LOL. So what is on the agenda for this quarter. Final edits on a novel, novella and starting work on a new regency series based around a brothel. That should be fun and my first attempt at not writing a happy ever after for the main characters.

Hope everyone has had a safe New Year and reaches the goals they set for themselves.