Writers block has finally happened …

The urge to write has finally loosened its strangle hold.

I cannot remember when I haven’t been anxious to get to my keyboard but the Christmas Spirit has got me good and now I can’t write one word of fiction.  I’ve been staring at the screen all morning and nothing is happening.

So, I think I should take a short break from writing and blogging, soak up the chrismas spirits (especially Trifle soaked with Tawny Port),  and come back refreshed next week.

Be well and have a wonderful Christmas. I hope you’ve all been good enough to get the great things you deserve.


3 thoughts on “Writers block has finally happened …”

  1. Sometimes we need a break so our writing brains can recharge. Sounds like the time has come for you. Enjoy it!

    Hope you have a fabulous Christmas. Looking forward to catching up in the new year.

  2. Hi Heather. Thanks for posting on my blog, you’re a champ. This Christmas, has slowed us all down, I think 🙂
    Have a great one, and a jolly New Year as well.
    I’m now following your blog too, since I’ve just worked out how to do it! (blush)
    Merry Christmas

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