Can I have last week again?

Wow, what a week. I am having the worst luck with computers and I seriously don’t like the look of MS Office 2007. I feel like I’m back in kindergarten with all these odd menu bars. *Wail* Why did my motherboard have to crash? I thought my computer and I were pals. Clearly she failed to communicate her specific needs to me but I promise to do better with this one. I will listen – and shut down on hot days. But can I have last week to do over again?

With all the computer glitchiness, I haven’t got much actual writing done. I did finish the edit of a novella on Monday. A self-imposed deadline, that one. I’ve found that I need that kind of end date or I could tweak a story forever. I’m trying to view my writing life as a regular job – regular hours, deadlines, sometimes taking work home but not every night. I need to switch off and let ideas percolate.

Since Christmas is just a short time away – scarily close as I haven’t bought any presents yet – I’ve decided to post a free short read, A Ramshackle Start, to help people get into the spirit of Christmas giving. Enjoy

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