Writers block has finally happened …

The urge to write has finally loosened its strangle hold.

I cannot remember when I haven’t been anxious to get to my keyboard but the Christmas Spirit has got me good and now I can’t write one word of fiction.  I’ve been staring at the screen all morning and nothing is happening.

So, I think I should take a short break from writing and blogging, soak up the chrismas spirits (especially Trifle soaked with Tawny Port),  and come back refreshed next week.

Be well and have a wonderful Christmas. I hope you’ve all been good enough to get the great things you deserve.


Two pieces of advice

Today marks the beginning of my children’s school holiday. I should be ecstatic shouldn’t I? But Christmas holidays are not how I remember them. As a child, the days stretched endlessly, the summer heat hardly bothered me, and I never wanted to go back to school.

As an adult, I have a different opinion of the long holiday. How did I exist before air conditioning, when can I get the kids to bed at night, and must I wait for the teachers to be back at school before I send them? *sigh* It’s not even the end of my first day yet I’m looking forward to January 29.

My youngest son’s plan for the holiday is to NOT wear shoes tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that. He seems quite keen on the idea, giving me the hint I might require some extra muscle to hold him still when I need to lace him up. I do hope he has more plans that bare-footing it everywhere.

My eldest is probably hoping I wont ban him from world of warcraft. Last holiday he tapped us out and I could hardly do anything. We have a big download limit as it is but that game has a huge suck factor.

Time flies when you have kids. My eldest sons childhood is fading from my memory, my own nothing more than hazy fragments captured by odd little photo’s that I liked to snap. I grew up on a farm of sheep and chickens but there are no chicken pictures. I have the odd sheep one and I’ve begun collecting sheep figures to place on my desk. Thanks to having a 7yr old I’ve grown to love Shaun the Sheep. Such a catchy tune!

I have two pieces of advice that I offer when dealing with children.

  1. Take newborn babies to the chiropractor as soon after the birth as you can to check their spinal alignment. Regular checkups as they age are good too.
  2. If your child has a rash, nappy or dermatitis and the expensive chemist lotions and potions aren’t working fall back on porridge (in a stocking) baths and cornflour as a body powder.

But I have no plan for dealing with bored kids. How do you deal with your kids through the holiday period (aside from endless dvd’s) when all you want to do is write?

All advice gratefully received.

Shh, I’m writing a romance

Another week has come and gone way too fast.  Sometimes I think that I’ve blinked and missed it but when I look back at my diary – I’ve been really busy. I did edits on three historical romances, critiqued some really great work from my writing sisters, and created another blog.

You’re probably wondering why I need another blog. I mean, despite my good intentions, I occasionally miss blog days here right. Well it’s not just my blog. My writing sisters have decided that we would like to blog together on one site so I’ve spent the latter half of this week setting up a pretty blogspot blog for us.

As you can imagine, there has been a huge amount of messages zinging between us all but the main subject was not related to the actual blog address, appearance, or content. No it was who got what title. Within our crit group we have affectionately nicknamed a few of our members and there has been great debate over rank. I kid you not, the competition was fierce. Me, I’m Viscountess Wicked, and there was an actual battle for Lady Crack Ho, but since we all like to be use period appropriate names that one was tossed aside.

Our plan with the blog is to create a site that can offer something more than the average blog – writer feedback.

With Friday night creeping up on me I think I might go grab a book, a glass of wine, and relax. Hope you’ve had a great week. What are your plans for Friday Night?

Man Monday … Mark Ruffalo

When you need inspiration for a dark, brooding lover, you can’t go past Mark Ruffalo. Lover in Waiting has a sub-plot involving Jack’s twin sister, Virginia,  and a suitor of her own. Meet the inspiration of my scholar, Bernard Hallam. Like him?

  = = =

“Why Lady Orkney, I had no idea you took such an interest in my figure. I am flattered. Perhaps you should take care of these little matters for me since I am clearly incapable. You can even help remove my … boots later if you like. Such capable hands and such a generous … heart.”

= = =