Friday Fess-up (late)

It’s not really Friday but I’ve been editing all week – staring at my computer screen so much that my eyes have begun to protest and I’m running late. Anyway, I have seven projects underway, so many that I’m starting to get a little confused by what I’ve done and to which project. I think I need to create a checklist.

The week that was:

New words – 3740 on His Man of Business
Chapters edited – 10 across two stories
Struggle – enjoyed a yummy breakfast on Friday with DH but couldn’t get back into writing when I got home. I know – bad Heather.
Biggest Disappointment – Australia Post has lost my Hula Hoop. Someone better not be using it. I don’t want it worn out!
Unexpected Achievement – wrote a 1000 word short story for fun Monday Night and will post it later as a free read.
High Point – an editor is reading one of my stories so I did a little happy dance.

Fingers crossed and back to editing !


2 thoughts on “Friday Fess-up (late)”

  1. It sounds like a very productive week to me. Way to Go. I am excited to hear about the editor. I have my fingers and toes crossed.

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