Man Monday … Rupert Penry-Jones

We often need a face for inspiration. For my first story, Lover in Waiting, I had a hazy image of my hero. Watching the 2007 Tv adaptation of Persuasion solidified the remaining details. How perfect is Rupert?



“Insulting people works for me. Perhaps you could try that?”  The cold-hearted marquess.

Back up your data …

I somehow destroyed the motherboard of my laptop overnight… That’s bad. That is the worst news a laptop user can hear.

Last night, I had fun. I treated myself to an hour of bejewelled. I did well. I scored 19,600 odd points – my highest yet. Then I went to bed. When I got up this morning the computer was dead! Well, not quite dead,  it did beep loudly at me but it did nothing else.

Can you imagine my panic? Just this last week I put finishing touches on three stories, and typed ‘the end’ on a first draft. A great week right. Well, not quite. I hadn’t backed up my files this week.

So not good!

I’m lucky my son (16) is learning about building and repairing computers. With the help of our local computer tech, they’ve helped me access my old data but it’s going to take a while to get everything back the way I want it. I have my writing files (yay) but there are plenty of other things I have yet to transfer yet. iTunes is going to be a pain. I may not get much writing done this week.

A reminder: Back up your data now!

It’s done …

There is an incredible feeling of relief when you type ‘the end’ on a story. That happened for me yesterday but it wasn’t an easy writing day. The words didn’t come quickly and I got distracted very easily. I spent way too much time twittering.

animated twitter button

Actually, while twittering I discovered another writer stuck at the same place and having the same issues. Now, we were both writing sex scenes – how hard can it be right. (I really thought about changing that line but … it stays.) She thought we might be writing the same story. What are the odds? (Yes, if you do know you can tell me.)

What a week it’s been in blogland. The internet has zinged all week with Harlequin’s change of direction and the repercussions of their decision. I’m not going to voice an opinion – enough has been said by minds more informed than mine. I’m still learning and the arguments have been fascinating.

Just for laughs this week I’m posting a link to Jess Dee’s blog. I do hope I’m not jinxing myself for computer troubles.

But the best news of the week is that one of my crit partners, Jerrica Knight-Catania, had a fantastic regency romance published this week. A Gentleman Never Tells is a great read! Check it out!

The best laid plans…

I had plenty of plans last week. Finish a first draft, continue edits, attend my writers group meeting, catch up on critiques and spend some time with my mum. What I got was a migraine to end the week. Pretty much everything goes away when my brain notices nothing else but pain.

I’ve been getting migraines for years. Once I even tried to pinpoint my triggers but … sadly … found it could be any number of bizarre things. Chocolate … or Perfume …. or food allergy. Sigh. Now I just take the strongest painkillers I have and lay down. If I can sleep, it passes faster. But with the weather so hot , I couldn’t sleep because of the noise of the air con. So I suffered three days of  discomfort in a noisy but cool, dark room.

I should be grateful not to require injections to counteract them. Some people do but I’ve been lucky in that regard. Aside from the pounding head, the worst I’ve suffered is the loss of half my vision (an aura). I really hate those!

So last week managed:

New words – 5,348 on His Man of Business
Chapters edited – 2
Struggle – hardly got any exercise
Biggest Disappointment – the migraine stopped my fun.

I hope your week was better!