Times a wastin’

Blogs, facebook & twitters are messing with my life. There is so much information coming in that very little solid writing is getting done.  I have some exciting stories to write and more keep popping into my head when I sit still for longer than ten minutes.

At the moment I can write pretty much full time but I’m finding the distractions of the internet really hard to resist. The need to network, research sites to visit, and of course checking out the cabana boys the RWA Australia chickies like to flaunt uses up a lot of valuable writing time. But hot bodies won’t increase the word count.

So what can?

The answer is GOOGLE READER.

I currently follow 41 blogs by subscription. I know its too large a number of blogs to open on a daily basis. I already had an account with Google and under the “more” tag I found this nifty little helper. When you subscribe to a blog, Google Reader will list all posts by reverse date order (so you see the newest at the top).  All I have to do each day is click on the top one, read, then click next until all the new blogs are viewed.  I’m done without fuss and with far less time wasted while the blog pages update.

It’s a great way to manage my blog surfing. Have you found anything similar elsewhere?

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8 thoughts on “Times a wastin’”

  1. I don’t really follow any blogs, but I check in every once in a while with the ones I like. It is easy to get caught up in the internet and networking. It’s been a great tool for gathering information and making friends, but it can be a distraction from writing. I usually go where I have no network connection to get work done. That way I’m not tempted. 🙂

  2. I usually try to confine my blog surfing to one day. Mondays usually. And because most of the writer blogs I follow aren’t updated much more than once or twice a week I don’t feel like I’m missing much.
    My biggest time waster is Spider Solitaire. Sad, I know, but I’m a total sucker for it.

    • LOL Cathryn … I found Bejewelled and messed with that for a couple of day but Im pretty sure its flashes contributed to the headache I got. Fun game though – got above 18,000 in my best attempt.

  3. Heather, this topic is so becomming the next newest time waster since we first were introduced to boulder-dash. (hey-we spent hours when that game first emerged.) Now the pitfall is loosing oneself in the trench of keeping informed and in-touch. But imagine what new adventures, friendships and inspirations we would have never gained if we kept to our own little world. I am constantly blown away by what others are achieving and the fact that they are willing to share.
    A little each day is my adict. half an hour before I leave for work to check up on hings. And interesting things get the twice over when I get home.

  4. Hi Heather,
    Lovely to meet you today. 🙂 I found the exchanging of information very beneficial. 🙂

    I agree also on the blog front. Too many to get around all in one go. I space it out, and usually use an hour over the weekend if time permits, or one day during the week for an hour.

    Okay, landed home not long ago.

    Suz 🙂

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