Getting it together

Getting it togetherLearning new things take time. And developing strong, clear writing is no exception. The critique group I joined is a wonderful group of writers, funny, warm, and extremely talented. I have received so much encouragement for my work that I often blush. I think I am finally getting it together where my craft is concerned. I hope if you’re part of a critique group that you receive the same level of encouragement and give back in kind.

But writing isn’t just about writing one story and a narrow vision. It’s about getting it together on a dozen fronts. Its about thinking long term, being strategic, too. If I want to make a career of this, and I believe I might, I need to think marathon not sprint. As I have come to understand, a writer must also learn how to market themselves and that’s not an area I’m comfortable yet. But I will get there eventually. For now, do forgive my blundering attempts to talk about my books and I hope you will enjoy the sneak peeks at my works in progress in the weeks, months and years to come. Until next time, take care.

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